How to Make Your Own Dye Magnet

Matt Scheer

A dye magnet is a cleaning product that prevents fabric colors from bleeding onto each other in the washing machine. This product looks like a cloth and users put it into the machine along with their wash. Dye released into the water from the fabric is sucked up by the dye magnet so it doesn't stain other items. Although there is no way to create an exact replica of the dye magnet at home, there is a good way to simulate its effects.

  1. Separate wash into lights and darks. Put one of the loads into the washing machine.

  2. Place a white wash cloth into the machine with the clothes. Excess dye usually ends up on the cloth before any other fabrics.

  3. Start the rinse cycle. Pour in 1/2 cup of vinegar into the water as it runs. The vinegar prevents dye from running. It also has a softening effect so no fabric softener liquid or sheets are necessary.

  4. Finish washing the laundry and dry it normally. Repeat the process with all other loads until you finish.