How to Use the Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 310

Using professional knife-sharpening services can be expensive, with each knife costing up to $10 to sharpen. With an average of 10 knives a household, this can burn quite a hole in your pocket. The use of diamond abrasives in the Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 310 ensures that knives are precision sharpened. This high-quality sharpness remains for a very long time. You need no special skills to use the 310 and you may use it to sharpen any nonserrated knife, from the least expensive to the most expensive.

Enjoy razor sharp knives with the Chef's Choice 310.
  1. Place the knife sharpener on a dry even surface and plug it in. Have all knives that require sharpening lined up and ready. On the right side of the sharpener are two sets of two slots.
  2. Turn on the sharpener and, holding the knife by the handle, place the blade in one of the sharpening slots on the left so that the heel of the blade makes contact with the sharpener. Applying gentle pressure, slowly pull the knife toward you so that the blade passes through the slot, heel first and tip last. Then pull the knife through the other slot on the left. Go back and forth between these two slots. Do this around 20 times if the knife is really dull, new or if this is your first time sharpening it with the Chef's Choice 310. For touch-ups, pull the knife through these slots no more than 10 times. To finish, quickly pull the knife through the slots on the left five times alternating between slots.
  3. Place the heel of the knife in one of the honing slots on the right and, applying very little pressure, pull the knife toward you. Place the knife in the other sharpening slot on the right of the machine and pull it toward you. Go back and forth between these two slots six times. Now pull the knife through the slots quickly 12 times alternating between the two slots on the right.
  4. Carefully wipe off your sharpened knives with a dry cloth and store them in a safe place. Wipe off the machine with a damp cloth if necessary. Do not attempt to wash or wipe inside the sharpening slots.

Things You Will Need

  • Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 310
  • Nonserrated knives


  • If you find that the diamond abrasives have worn off then send the machine back to the company. The company will replace the abrasives and lubricate the machine for a very small fee. The company will then ship the machine back to you.


  • Never lubricate the machine on your own.
  • Do not use any other form of sharpening knives in conjunction with the Chefs Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 310, as this can alter the knives' alignment.

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