How Do you Clean Cloudy Glass Dishes?

Your older glass dishes may develop a cloudy film that almost makes them look dirty and unusable. To remove this cloudiness and restore the glass to its natural, intended crystal-clear appearance, use a strong cleaner that removes all of that unattractive cloudy residue. This can be done with one inexpensive ingredient.

Clean cloudy glass dishes in vinegar.
  1. Microwave enough vinegar to submerge the glass dishes. Check the vinegar after about one minute of microwaving, and pour the vinegar into a large basin when the vinegar is hot, but still able to be touched.

  2. Place the glassware into the basin, and let soak for one hour.

  3. Scrub the dishes with a nylon sponge with scrubber to remove the loosened residue.

  4. Rinse the dishes under hot water to remove the vinegar.

  5. Dry the dishes with a clean dish towel to prevent new film from forming.

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