How to Troubleshoot a Bunn NHBX Coffee Maker

Bunn’s NHBX coffee maker is a 10-cup home coffee brewer capable of brewing 10 cups in three minutes. The maker includes a stainless steel tank and an internal thermostat. This machine also has a vacation switch to completely shut off all electrical components. Problems with the Bunn NHBX coffee maker can include coffee failing to come out, partial decanter brews, cold coffee and water flow starting before the lid is closed.

The Bunn NHBX brews 10 cups in three minutes.

Step 1

Close the lid if coffee isn’t being dispatched into the carafe.  The coffee maker won’t start brewing unless there’s enough water for at least 4 cups in the reservoir. Remember that water can evaporate, so you may have to add a bit. 

Step 2

Add more water if the maker is brewing only a partial decanter.  Evaporation and water being absorbed by the coffee grounds can reduce output.

Step 3

Grind the coffee a little bit more coarsely if the funnel overflows.  Filter coffee brewers need a medium grind as opposed to espresso machines, which require a fine grind.

Step 4

Verify the switches are in the correct position if the coffee is cold or the coffee is not staying hot.  The warmer switch should be in the "On" position.

Step 5

Make sure the lid is fully open when you are adding water if water starts to flow before you’re ready.  Check that the rocker arm is in place at the top lid. Clean the rubber stopper area with a cloth and some warm water.  Remove any dried coffee and grounds from that area.

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