How to Clean Chrome Appliances

Chrome appliances give that ultramodern look to a kitchen that so many of us have come to value, yet over time they begin to lose their luster. A chrome appliance that has lost its sheen becomes an eyesore and a liability as the longer it goes without proper cleaning the worse it becomes. The bluish metal is, fortunately, easy to clean, and better yet, you can do so with materials found around the house.

Restoring the luster of chrome is easier than you might think.
  1. Fill one of the buckets with water, taking care not to fill it so high that it will spill when moved. Move the bucket to the floor beside the appliance.

  2. Drop the soap into the bucket and move it through the water vigorously until it takes on a milky color. Dip the sponge into the water and squeeze, allowing it to absorb the soapy water.

  3. Pull the sponge out of the water and squeeze again, allowing the excess water to fall back into the bucket. Move the sponge along the chrome in long, gentle arcs. Sponge the entire length of the chrome.

  4. Pull a generous amount of paper towel off of the roll and gently rub the chrome from top to bottom. Discard the paper towel when it is fully saturated. Repeat this step until the chrome is fully dry.

  5. Pour a generous amount of vinegar into the second bucket. Dip the second sponge into this bucket and squeeze. Remove the sponge from the water and squeeze again until the sponge no longer drips.

  6. Wipe the chrome from top to bottom with the sponge. Allow the chrome to air dry to ensure that the vinegar has time to work.


  • Never use metal dish pads or other abrasive products on chrome. Chrome is a very soft metal that is easily scratched.
  • Take care not to spill water onto electrical cords or other components of your appliance.
  • Bleach-based products will ruin chrome.
  • Be sure to remove the soap completely from the chrome, or it may leave streaks and marks.

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