How to Cut Latex Foam

Leslie Crews

Whether you need a new mattress, are replacing worn out seat cushions, or are soundproofing a room, latex foam offers a variety of solutions and is easy to use and work with. Latex foam is most commonly used for mattress or seating purposes since it provides comfort and excellent support while also being mold- and dust mite-resistant. With this simple and cost-effective technique you can custom cut your own latex foam.

  1. Measure the exact dimensions you want your latex foam to be cut to using the tape measure.

  2. Draw the dimensions on the latex foam with a Sharpie. Use the yardstick as a straight edge to mark off where the cuts need to be made.

  3. Cut the piece of foam. Place the foam on a sturdy counter or table, and hang the side you plan to cut over the edge and away from the table or countertop surface. Carefully cut the foam with the electric knife, slowly sawing up and down along the lines of measurement.