How to Clean Sanded Grout

Grout fills the space between tiles on floors, counters, backsplashes and shower walls. Sanded grout is commonly found along floor tiles because it was thought to be more durable and stronger; however, it is just as fragile as the grout associated with countertops, showers and backsplashes. It is a very porous, brittle material, making it easy to remove the grout when cleaning. With regular care and the right products, sanded grout can last years and maintain its original color without fading during regular cleanings.

Sanded grout is porous and harbors stains and dirt.
  1. Mop the floor with a standard floor-cleaning agent. Leave the excess water on the floor.

  2. Vacuum the water and dirt away with a wet/dry vacuum. This prevents the dirt from being forced back into the grout by the mop or a cleaning cloth.

  3. Mix 2 parts oxygen-based bleach with 1 part water to form a watery paste. Apply generously to the grout lines. Let the solution stand on the grout for 30 to 60 minutes. Apply more cleaning solution if the grout becomes dry before the time has elapsed.

  4. Vacuum the solution and dirt from the tile and grout with the wet/dry vacuum. Mop the floor with clean water to rinse the surface of the tiles. Vacuum the excess water away to dry the floor.


  • Wear gloves when handling cleaners.
  • Avoid steam or high pressure sprays. This will cause the grout to erode.