How to Repair a Leaking Shed Roof

Sheds are useful for storage, workshops, home offices, garages and even living space. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors and designs and are available pre-built or custom-built. As with all buildings, sheds are exposed to rain, wind, hail and extreme weather conditions, which can damage the roofs. Repair damaged roof shingles promptly to prevent rainwater from seeping underneath sheathing and leaking inside the shed.

Learn how to repair a leaking shed roof.
  1. Identify the broken, cracked or curled-up shingle. Slide the pry bar underneath the damaged shingle.

  2. Pry up the damaged shingle with the pry bar. Pull out the four nails from the lower half of the damaged shingle.

  3. Insert the pry bar underneath the shingle directly above the damaged shingle. With the shingle above wedged up with the pry bar, pull out the four nails from the upper half of the damaged shingle.

  4. Pull out the damaged shingle once all eight nails are removed. Place the replacement shingle where the damaged shingle was located, slightly overlapped by the shingle above.

  5. Attach the bottom half of the replacement shingle to the roof with four roofing nails, using a hammer. Pound the nails into the already existing holes in the roof where the old nails once were.

  6. Hammer four nails through the bottom part of the shingle overlapping the replacement shingle. This will attach the top half of the replacement shingle to the roof.

  7. Use a trowel to spread roofing cement over all newly installed nails. Repeat the entire process for each damaged shingle on the shed roof.

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