How Do I Troubleshoot an Ex-Cell 2100 PSI Power Washer?

David Clair

The EX-Cell 2100 is a portable gas powered pressure washer that uses water and cleaning chemicals to clean various types of surfaces. Problems that can occur with the pressure washer can stem from issues with the engine, the spray gun, or other various parts of the unit. Diagnosing possible causes of the problem is the first step to resolving the issue with the troubleshooting process. Complete the troubleshooting steps to solve many of the most common issues that can affect this pressure washer.

Checking the fuel tank is part of the diagnostic process.
  1. Add fuel to the tank if it is very low or empty. The engine will not start without enough fuel.

  2. Squeeze the gun trigger to relieve built-up pressure if the engine does not start. Pressure will build up after two or more pulls on the recoil starter.

  3. Move the choke lever to the "Choke" position before starting the engine. The engine will not start if the choke is in the "No Choke" position.

  4. Attach the spark plug wire if it is disconnected. The pressure washer will not have power if the plug is not connected.

  5. Clean the water filter screen if there is low water pressure. A dirty water filter screen will prevent water from properly flowing.

  6. Move the choke lever to the "No Choke" position if there is no water pressure. After the engine has started, the choke is no longer needed.

  7. Move the throttle control to the "Fast" position if water flow is insufficient.

  8. Tighten the gun if water is leaking at the spray wand connection. A loose connection will cause water to leak out during use.