How do I Troubleshoot Kenmore Washer He2 110-4646 2500?

Kelly Bennett Seiler

Kenmore high-efficiency washers are designed to help save money on utility bills and to save water and energy. The Kenmore Washer He2 110-4646 2500 is no exception. These high efficiency washers save 69 percent on water and 66 percent on energy usage. Despite the money and energy-saving features, you can still run into problems you don't know how to fix. Attempt to troubleshoot them on your own before spending money on a repairman.

Error Codes

High efficiency washers save on water and energy usage.
  1. Check which status light is illuminated if all the cycle lights on your Kenmore HE2 washer are blinking. You may also have an error code on the "Estimated Time Remaining" display. This displays as the "Rinse" and "Clothes Clean" status light, or if there is an "F20" on the display panel, there is no water or there is an insufficient water supply. Press the "Pause-Cancel" button twice to end the cycle. Disconnect the power supply and check if the water faucets are completely turned on, or if the screens at the inlet hose connection to the washer are clogged. Also check hoses for kinking or freezing.

  2. Press the "Pause-Cancel" button twice to cancel the cycle if displaying "Add a Garment," "Rinse" or "Clothes Clean" status lights on the unit. Look for the "F21" error message on the display panel as well. This means a drain problem. Unplug the washer and check for a kinked, frozen or clogged drain hose. Double-check to ensure the drain hose is no more than 96-inches above the floor.

  3. Select "Pause-Cancel" and push it twice to cancel the cycle if any other status light combinations are on. This is an indication of an electrical problem. Push the "Drain-Spin" button if there is a great deal of water in the washer. Re-select the cycle previously using and then press "Start." If the problem persists and the error lights are still on, call a repairman.


  1. Verify that the machine only uses high efficiency detergent. Using regular detergents results in too many suds in the washer. This causes the washer to leak in the rear.

  2. Remember if you use the "Add a Garment" feature mid-cycle, the open door can drip water onto the floor.

  3. Check both ends of the fill hose and make sure gaskets are properly seated.

  4. Verify that the drain hose is properly secured to the drain pipe or the laundry tub.

  5. Check that the sink and the drain pipe are not clogged. They must be able to hold and transport 17 gallons of water per minute. If either of these components clog, it will slow down the water, causing it to overflow. Also, check all household plumbing, including the laundry tub, the faucets and pipes for leaks.

Locking Door and Washer Odor

  1. Select the drain and spin button to remove any excess water in the washer if the machine's door does not unlock.

  2. Press the "Stop" button once if the "Add a Garment" light is on and you cannot unlock the door.

  3. Verify you have used the proper detergent if your laundry comes out of the wash with a film residue. This results in an odor on your garments. Leave the door open after each use to allow the washer to dry and avoid any unnecessary smells.