How to Troubleshoot an Infinity Spa

There is nothing like soaking your bones in a warm and bubbling spa after a hard day's work. Infinity Spas have been around for over 15 years and spas are the company's sole product. The spas have many innovative features, such as audio, video and lighting options. They also come in a number of sizes and colors. As with most machinery that operates for extended periods of time, breakdowns can happen. Before calling in your local spa repairman, there are a number of steps you can troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot an Infinity Spa.
  1. Check the home electrical panel to see if there are any tripped breakers or blown fuses. Reset breakers as necessary. Sometimes, you may have to reset the breaker a few times to get it to lock into place. Replace any damaged fuses with another fuse of the exact same amperage.

  2. Run the spa pump at least two hours a day when not in use. This will keep the water circulating in the unit. The pump also has a strainer pot that will act as a secondary sieve, catching any hair or debris that made it through the main drain and skimmer. You will need to set the the program to automatically switch the pump on.

  3. Bleed all the air out of the plumbing system any time you drain and refill the spa. The pump will not prime with air in the system. Clean any debris from the leaf trap and make sure it is filled with water. This could be another reason the pump is not priming. Lubricate and secure the leaf trap "O" ring. Check that all the valves are open.

  4. Clean the filter cartridge if the heater keeps cycling on and off. This problem can also occur when the water level in the spa is too low or if there is insufficient ventilation around the pump.

  5. Check for any loose pipes at the pump inlet. Look for any holes in the pipe. This could result in a low flow and low filter pressure. If there is a low flow and high filter pressure, inspect the jets for any obstructions.