How to Replace Slats on Plantation Shutters

Shutters that you may have attached to your house are available in many types or styles that are used to block light from the sun. One type of shutter that is popular for certain types of homes is a plantation shutter. When the slats on your shutters have become damaged or are no longer working properly, they will need to be replaced. This can be done by making sure you have the tools required to complete the task.

Removing a Slat

The planks or louvers on a plantation shutter may require repairs.

Step 1

Take the shutter panel off and set it on a bench or other flat surface. 

Step 2

Locate the slat on the shutter that needs to be replaced.  The slat, called a louver, is the wooden plank that will open and close by moving the tilt rod.

Step 3

Find the staple that is attaching the slat to the tilt rod.  Cut the top or crown of the staple, at its center, with the wire cutters.

Bend the sides of the staple back so you can remove the slat from the tilt rod. 

Step 4

Place the blade of the utility knife between then slat and the stile on the side of the shutter.  Cut the pin by using a downward motion with the utility knife.

Pull the slat out of the shutter. 

Install a New Slat

Step 1

Adjust the tilt rod on the shutter panel so the slats are facing out or are in the open position. 

Step 2

Insert a replacement nylon shutter pin into the hole in the slat, where you cut the pin earlier.  The thin end of the pin needs to go into the hole.

Step 3

Find the pinhole on the side of the shutter.  Insert the big end of the spring-loaded replacement pin into the pinhole.

Step 4

Press down on the replacement pin to activate the spring.  Adjust the slat until the pin goes into the hole on the side of the shutter.

Step 5

Move the tilt rod to test the new slat to see if it will open and close.  Set the shutter back in place.

Things You Will Need

  • Wire cutter
  • Utility knife
  • Pliers or vise grips
  • Replacement nylon shutter pin
  • Repair pin

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