How Do I Troubleshoot a Maytag Neptune Tl That Won't Drain?

James J. Siegel

If your Maytag Neptune washer is filling but not draining, the solution to the problem may be simpler than you think. There are many things that can cause washing machines such as the Maytag Neptune TI to stop filling and refuse to drain; it's a good idea to check the small things first.

Some washing machines will not drain if there are clogs in the drain hose.
  1. Check to make sure that the washing machine has been plugged into an outlet that is working. The fuse may have blown while the washer was filling or before it had the chance to drain. Find the circuit breaker or the fuse box in your home and reset the machine. Wait to see if the machine starts filling again or begins to drain.

  2. Make sure that the clothes in the washing machine are not preventing the water from draining. A washing machine can become unbalanced if there are only a few articles of clothing and the machine is set for a larger load. Restart the washing machine or wait to run a full load. After resituating the clothes, close the lid and pull the start knob on the Neptune TI to see if the machine drains.

  3. Locate the drain hose behind the washing machine. Straighten out the hose if it appears to have any kinks that might be preventing the water from flowing.

  4. Remove the hose from the wall and check to see if it is clogged. On most washing machine hookups, the hose will slide into a larger hole in the wall. Slide the hose out from the wall and use a flashlight to look for any obstructions. Use an unraveled coat hanger to pull out anything that might be trapped inside the hose. Place a plastic tub underneath the hose to catch any water that may drain out.

  5. Try running the washing cycle again without detergent. According to Maytag, if the washing machine has been filled with too much detergent it will sometimes refuse to drain. The company suggests using low-sudsing laundry detergent.