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How to Make Dust Covers for Electronic Equipment

Ruth O'Neil

Electronics are probably scattered throughout your home, from your television set to DVD players and VCRs, not to mention all of your computer equipment. One of the main problems people face when maintaining electronics is dust. Dust works its way into the crevices of your electronic equipment and causes problems with connections. You can purchase dust covers, but they often do not fit properly and are not always attractive. Create custom dust covers to protect all of the electronics in your home or office when they are not in use.

Step 1

Measure the height, depth and width of one piece of your electronic equipment. (For example the measurements of a desktop computer monitor are 15 ½ inches high, 14 inches wide and 16 inches deep.)

Step 2

Add 2 inches to all of your measurements to allow for seam allowances and air flow around the electronics.

Step 3

Cut out two pieces of fabric for the front and the back of the electronic item using the height and width measurements. (For example, you would cut out two pieces measuring 17 ½ by 16 inches for the computer monitor mentioned in Step 1.)

Step 4

Figure out how large a piece of fabric you need for the middle section of the dust cover. Add the width and the height measurement for the length and use the depth measurement for the width of the strip.

Step 5

Pin the strip to the front section of the dust cover with the right sides together. Sew together. Pin the other side of the strip to the back section, with right sides together and sew.

Step 6

Fold the raw edges at the bottom of the dust cover ¼ inch and again another ¼ inch to form the hem. Use pins to hold in place. Sew to secure the hem.

Step 7

Turn the dust cover right side out. Place it over your electronics when they are not in use to keep off dust.