How to Measure a Hole for an Oval Sink

B.T. Alo

Most sinks come with a sink template, so measuring for the sink hole is rendered unnecessary. If you are refitting an old sink, misplaced the template or simply didn't receive a template with your sink, then measuring for the sink hole is imperative to achieve a properly fitted sink. Measuring for an oval sink is the same process as for a round sink; it just requires a little more care and precision to get the dimensions right.

Making the Template

Measure the hole for your sink to ensure you get the right fit.
  1. Place your sink rim-side down on the cardboard. Trace around the outline of the sink with the pencil. You can trace directly onto the countertop, but there is less chance of damaging the countertop if you create a template of the sink hole out of cardboard.

  2. Measure 1/2 inch in from the edge of the traced oval and mark a dot. Make dots every 2 inches all the way around the inside of the traced oval at the 1/2-inch mark. Connect the dots to create an oval 1 inch smaller in diameter than the sink rim.

  3. Cut out the cardboard template along the line for the smaller oval. Your sink template is now ready to be used to cut the hole in your counter for fitting the sink in place.

Transferring the Template

  1. Fold the template in half lengthwise and widthwise so that a mark is left on each side at the halfway point. Flatten the template out again, making sure the halfway points are still visible.

  2. Locate the position on your counter where the center of your sink will go and trace two faint pencil lines through this point that run vertically and horizontally at right angles to each other and to the edge of the counter.

  3. Place the template over the counter and match up the halfway points of the template with the pencil lines to get your sink hole position. Trace around the template onto the counter.