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How to Measure for a Corner Sink in a Kitchen

Joshua Benjamin

When measuring your kitchen counter with the intention to install a new corner sink, there are a variety of measurements you're going to have to make. It's important to make sure you have enough room on the counter itself for the new sink, but you're also going to have to see how much pipe you'll have to lay to hook it into an existing water line. You'll also need to go under the cabinets and see how deep the new sink can be.

Getting good measurements is vital to installing a new sink properly.
  1. Place your measuring tape against the wall and pull it out to the edge of the counter to determine how much room lengthwise you have to work with. Generally, you do not want a sink to come to the edge of the counter, so be sure to account for that in your measurements.

  2. Place the edge of the measuring tape against the far edge of the counter and draw it horizontally across the counter, until you reach the point where you want the sink to stop. Make a note of the measurement on a notepad or piece of paper. This is the maximum width your new sink can be.

  3. Get underneath the counter and measure from the bottom of the counter down to the floor. This will allow you to determine how deep your sink can be.

  4. Stay under the counter and hook your measuring tape around the nearest water pipes, and then draw it over to where your new sink will be. This measurement will be approximately how much new pipe you will need to lay in order to hook the new sink into the water line. It will be approximate because different sinks have different drain configurations.