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How to Use Plumber's Putty on Kitchen Sinks

James Clark

Plumber's putty is a malleable compound used to create a watertight seal around plumbing projects, such as the drain and flange in a kitchen sink. The flange is the ring surrounding the drain pipe as you look down into the sink.

Use plumber's putty on a kitchen sink to stop water leakage.

The flange secures to the underside of the sink with a jamb nut and again to the drain pipe under the sink with another threaded ring. Plumber's putty around the underside of the flange keeps water from seeping between the sink and the flange where it could drip below.

  1. Turn the sink upside-down and place on a flat surface.

  2. Roll thin ropes of plumber's putty between your open palms, placing the putty on the underside of the kitchen sink around the lip where it rests on the countertop of your cabinet. When finished, you should have a ring of putty around the underside of the sink, resembling a gasket.

  3. Turn the sink over and lower it into the hole in the countertop, pressing firmly around the edges to seal the putty between the underside of the sink and countertop. Wipe away any excess putty that might seep from under the lip of the sink onto the counter.

  4. Roll a rope of putty and stick it in a circle to the underside of the flange, which is a short length of threaded pipe with a wide lip on the opposite end. Attach the putty to the underside of this lip.

  5. Turn the flange over and insert the threaded end into the drain hole of your sink. Press firmly to seat the flange in the hole.

  6. Screw the jamb nut onto the threaded flange under the sink, twisting the nut until it is tight against the bottom of the sink.

  7. Attach a rope of plumbers putty around the bottom threads on the flange, pressing lightly to work the putty into the threading.

  8. Slide the locking nut for the bottom of the flange up onto the flange and connect the drain pipe to the bottom of the flange. Lower the locking nut and twist clockwise to tighten the connection between the flange and the drain pipe.