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How to Remove Scratches on My Whirlpool Gold Stainless-Steel Fridge

Kenneth Crawford

Stainless-steel appliances are attractive until they develop scratches. Often appliance owners notice the scratches more than anybody else does, but they still feel the need to remove them. Removing scratches on your Whirlpool Gold stainless-steel refrigerator depends on how bad the scratch actually is. Small surface scratches quickly rub out with simple vegetable oil. Long scratches or a scratch that may have some depth, require a little more work.

Step 1

Apply a small amount of vegetable oil onto a soft cloth. Rub over the scratch area with the vegetable oil in a circular motion. This diminishes the scratch if the scratch is light.

Step 2

Identify the direction of the brush strokes, if the scratch is more than a small surface scratch. Stainless steel has a clearly identifiable brush pattern. When removing or diminishing scratches, you should move in the same direction as the original brush strokes.

Step 3

Place a few drops of automotive rubbing compound on a nonabrasive Scoth Brite pad. The Stainless Steel Information Center recommends using Scotch Brite pads when removing scratches from stainless steel appliances.

Step 4

Rub over the scratch area with a Scotch Brite nonabrasive pad. Use light pressure and rub in the direction of the brush strokes over the scratch with the Scotch Brite pad.