How to Clean a Bench Grinder Stone

Dale Yalanovsky

The technical term for cleaning a bench grinder stone is "dressing the grinding wheel," and it is not cleaning in the traditional sense. Dressing a grinding wheel essentially means removing all metal or wood particles that are clogging the wheel stone, in effect cleaning it and making it grind better and more efficiently. This task needs to be done only when the effectiveness of the grinding wheel becomes noticeably compromised.

  1. Lower all safety guards in place on your bench grinder.

  2. Turn the bench grinder on and allow it to spin up to it maximum speed.

  3. Rest the diamond wheel dresser on the tool rest and slowly push the head of the grinding wheel dresser onto the grinding wheel. Hold it firmly as it makes contact with the spinning wheel.

  4. Allow the dresser wheel to grind against the grinding wheel for approximately 10 seconds. This is easily enough time to remove any particle buildup on the wheel, effectively cleaning it and making it ready for use once again.