How to Remove Old Deck Boards

One way to keep your deck looking good is to replace old deck boards that have splits or rotten spots. Replacing deck boards rmeans removing old deck boards. Removing deck boards requires cutting the boards out and then removing them. This prevents possibly damaging the good boards around the ones you are replacing. When replacing deck boards, use boards that are the same type wood as the old boards.

Step 1

Drill a hole at the center of each end of the board you are replacing with a 1/2-inch arbor hole saw. Drill the hole 2 inches from each end so you do not hit the joist under the board.

Step 2

Insert the blade of your jig saw in the holes and cut across the board at one end. Cut the other end of the board off while a friend holds the board from falling. Remove the cut portion of the board.

Step 3

Slide a crowbar between the deck joists and remaining ends of the board. Push down on the crowbar to raise to pry the board nails up and remove the ends from each joist.

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