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Easy Clean Instructions For a DeLonghi Deep Fat Fryer

Jeffrey Brian Airman

Burnt food particles accumulate in the oil reservoir of a deep fryer and change the flavor of the oil, which ultimately effects the taste of the cooked foods. The interior surfaces of the DeLonghi fryer reservoir must be thoroughly cleaned out to remove the burnt oil flavor. Wash out a DeLonghi deep fat fryer before adding new oil to keep fried foods looking and tasting their best.

Foods from a clean DeLonghi fryer have fresher flavor and even color.

Step 1

Unplug the DeLonghi deep fat fryer from the wall outlet. Allow hot oil to cool for at least two hours before preceding.

Step 2

Review the owner's manual for the specific model of DeLonghi deep fryer you are cleaning to fully understand the oil draining procedure. Owner's manuals for models in current production are available for download from the DeLonghi USA website. Some DeLonghi models require a standard screwdriver to start the flow of oil from the reservoir.

Step 3

Position the spigot or hose from the fryer over the edge of a sink. Place a large container or tub in the base of the sink to catch the used oil. Dump all the oil from the reservoir according to the manufacturer's instructions in the manual.

Step 4

Remove the container of old oil from the sink and leave the fryer in position with the spout open. Remove the cover plate and take the filter or filters out of the lid and set them aside.

Step 5

Wipe down the interior, exterior and lid of the DeLonghi deep fat fryer with a slightly damp, soapy sponge. Avoid getting any moisture on the area where the plug attaches to the fryer. Wring out the sponge and saturate it with soap several times to clean away all the oil residue.

Step 6

Spin the pipe brush into the drainage hose or spigot to clear out any trapped food particles. Pipe brushes are included with most DeLonghi fryers. Rinse the brush and repeat the cleaning procedure until nothing comes out.

Step 7

Rinse the soap out of the sponge and wipe all the soap suds from the surfaces of the fryer. Dryer the fryer completely with a kitchen towel. Wash and dry the fry basket using the same sponge, soap and kitchen towel.

Step 8

Leave the DeLonghi deep fat fryer open and empty overnight or for at least for a few hours so all interior moisture evaporates. Oil added to a wet deep fryer will pop and splatter when it is heated.

Step 9

Close the oil drain and reinsert the filter or filters in the lid according to the instructions. Replace the filters when they become sticky or begin to smell.