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How do I Insulate the Underside of a Bay Window?

Ronique Gibson

A bay window can add square footage to an ordinarily squared-off area. Since bay windows are an extension off the main perimeter wall of your home, insulation should be installed on the underside. Insulation will help minimize the transfer of air and keep your bay window area at a moderate temperature compared to the rest of the adjoining space.

Insulating the underside of a bay window will hinder air transfer.
  1. Remove the exterior sheathing material that covers the interior floor joists of the bay window area. Wear goggles and safety mask to protect from flying debris. Remove loose dirt and debris and discard.

  2. Measure twice and cut once to avoid errors.
  3. Measure the space between floor joists and the width of each individual floor joists.

  4. Cut the foam panels using the utility knife according to the measurements taken. Insert the foam panels between the floor joists on the underside of floor boards, to ensure panels have been cut to the correct widths.

  5. Seal spaces around the foam panels with the expanding foam. Continue applying foam boards until the underside of the floor boards is covered. Foam boards that are placed vertically and adjacent to the floor joists should join at the expanding foam seams. Use a damp cloth to clean excess foam and drips.

  6. Replace sheathing that was removed and seal up air spaces on the exterior to prevent air leaks.