How do I Build a Futon Chair Twin Bed Frame?

Futon chairs provide a spot to sit as well as a spot to lay down and rest. They are similar to futon couches but are meant for one person. Futon chairs are often simple in design and are reasonably easy to build. Construction lumber is a common choice for building futons and futon chairs. This type of wood is adequate for these applications as well as inexpensive when compared to buying a premade futon chair.

Construction lumber can be decorative when use for furniture applications.
  1. Lay two 30-inch boards on edge, parallel and 28 inches apart. Lay four 32-inch boards flat across the 30-inch boards so they are perpendicular. Space the boards 4 ½ inches apart, starting two inches from the ends of the 30-inch boards. There should be a 1/2-inch overhang from both ends of the 32-inch boards to the sides of the 30-inch boards. Screw four screws through each 32-inch board and into the 30-inch boards. This is the middle piece to your futon chair--the part your back will rest against.

  2. Lay two 30-inch boards on edge, parallel and 25 inches apart. Lay four 32-inch across them just as you did in the previous step. This time there should be a 2-inch overhang from the ends of the 32-inch boards to the sides of the 30-inch boards. Screw the 32-inch boards to the 30-inch boards in the same manner as the previous step. This is the back to your futon chair.

  3. Lay the two 20-inch boards on edge, parallel and spaced 25 inches apart. Lay the last two 32-inch boards perpendicular across them as you did in the previous step and screw them down. This is the seat portion of your futon chair.

  4. Lay the back portion of the chair flat and parallel with the middle portion. The 30-inch boards of the back portion should fit between the 30-inch boards on the middle portion. Position them so they overlap by 1 ½ inches. Repeat this process with the seat portion and the middle portion of the chair. This is what your futon chair will look like when it is laid out into a bed.

  5. Drill through all four pairs of overlapping 30-inch boards with the ¾-inch drill bit. Place a bolt through each hole and secure them with a nut so they are hand tight.

  6. To position it into a chair, raise the back portion, and the middle portion into an upside down V. The seat portion should be flat on the floor. Place the futon mattress over the chair and fold the excess mattress underneath itself so it is doubled over the seat portion.

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