How to Use Flowers to Spell Out a Company Name

Creative marketing helps companies stand out among the competition. Instead of slashing prices to attract customers, create a grassroots marketing campaign for your business that demonstrates your originality. Advertisers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year designing award-winning magazine ads, television commercials and unique billboards for a brand because consumers remember attractive and unusual marketing. Spell out your company name in boldly colored flowers at an event or outside of your office to give your business exposure to potential customers passing by.

Bold colored flowers stand out against a green grass backdrop.
  1. Select four different colors of pansies for your marketing display. Pansies are available from a variety of gardening stores and can be found in bold colors that will be visible from a distance.

  2. Break the soil around the area where the flowers will be planted, using a shovel to break the soil by thrusting the tip of the shovel into the ground and removing rocks as they surface.

  3. Insert markers into the soil in the shape of your company name. Line these markers close together, as you will want your flowers arranged closely so that each letter is legible.

  4. Dig holes 6 inches deep and 8 inches in diameter at each marker with a mini garden shovel. These holes will hold your flowers.

  5. Remove the flowers from their pots with soil intact and place the root balls with soil in the holes. Make sure that the soil from the pot is level with or slightly below the surrounding ground. Pat soil down around each flower following the lines created to spell your company name.


  • This project could take several days, as you will invariably have to make adjustments to the floral layout until it looks professional and neat from a distance.

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