Casablanca Fans Troubleshooting

Casablanca has been making fans since 1974 and rapidly grew as a fan manufacturer during the energy crisis of the mid-seventies. The products feature cross-laminated blades with six layers of wood, finished with furniture-grade wood veneer; and include motor housings of die-cast and steel construction. Problems with Casablanca fans include not starting, wobbling, noise, failure to run at slow speed, and the remote not working correctly. Problems like these can be rectified by following some troubleshooting steps.

Check everything for tightness with a Phillips screwdriver and tighten as necessary.
  1. Replace the battery in the remote control unit if the fan won't start when you turn it on. Check the main circuit breaker panel and flip any breakers that may be tripped. Look for wall switches that operate the fans' circuit---this can be in addition to the remote control. Flip switches in the room until you identify it.

  2. Check that any screws on the blades are securely fastened if the blades wobble or are noisy. Look for any bending that may have taken place during installation and replace the blades if they are bent. Make sure the hanger bracket or ceiling outlet are tightly fastened. Check everything for tightness with a Phillips screwdriver and tighten as necessary.

  3. Allow the fan to break-in if it won't run at a slow speed despite setting the remote to the slow position. Run the fan at high speed for a few days.

  4. Press the "Reverse" button on the remote control if the fan doesn't blow heated air down to floor level during the winter months. The "Reverse" button needs to be pressed on each occasion this feature is used.

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