How to Repair Ceramic Porcelain

All ceramic pieces, particularly the delicate white ceramic known as porcelain, will break relatively easily when dropped. Fortunately, if you have a broken ceramic or porcelain vase, cup or figurine, you can easily repair the fracture yourself at home. Ceramic and porcelain objects have a tendency to break cleanly, meaning that you can often re-align the broken surfaces and glue them together again. With the appropriate preparation and a bit of patience, you can repair a broken ceramic or porcelain piece in an afternoon.

You can easily repair ceramic or porcelain at home
  1. Lay down a sheet of newspaper to protect your working surface from any spilled glue.

  2. Sand both broken edges of ceramic or porcelain with fine-grit sandpaper. Sand very lightly, without applying much pressure.

  3. Wipe both broken surfaces clean with a cloth. Apply a thin coat of acrylic-based ceramic adhesive cement to one broken edge only.

  4. Press the pieces together and hold them in place for two minutes.

  5. Tape the glued pieces together with masking tape, and set the object in a position that does not place any stress on the fracture while the glue cures. Allow the glue to cure overnight before moving the ceramic or porcelain object.

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