How to Connect an HP Computer to a Television

Hewlett Packard (HP) computers connect to an external monitor with a 15-hole port known as VGA (video graphics array). Also use this port to hook up the HP tower with a television for viewing on a larger screen; but, unless your TV also has a VGA port, you need a converter cable to unite the VGA end with the socket on the TV. This setup typically requires a VGA to S-video adapter with the different plugs on each end of a cable to connect the two components.

VGA plug for connecting to the HP computer.
  1. Shut down the HP computer and turn off the television.

  2. Connect the four-sided plug on one end of the adapter cable to the VGA port on the back of the HP computer tower. The pins in the plug must fit into the three rows of holes in the port.

  3. Connect the round plug on the other end of the adapter cable to the S-video input on the back of the TV.

  4. Press the source-signal button on the TV remote control, which may be labeled "Source" or "Input," until the HP desktop screen can be seen on the TV screen.

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