How to Replace a GE Range Broiler Element

Replacing a GE range broiler element is the same as any other brand. Broil and bake elements secure to the rear oven walls with mounting brackets that are part of the element. Replacing a broiler element requires loosening the upper brackets that hold the element above the oven cavity. Replacement broiler elements are available at appliance repair shops and GE authorized dealers. To ensure that you purchase the correct element for your GE range, take the old one with you to the store.

Step 1

Unplug the GE Range power cord from the electrical outlet. Pull out the utility drawer to access the range power cord. Reach inside the drawer cavity to pull the power cord out of the electrical outlet.

Step 2

Open the oven door and pull out the oven cooking racks. Locate the mounting brackets on the rear oven wall connecting the broiler element to the oven. Remove the screws securing the mounting brackets with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 3

Find the screws securing the upper mounting brackets that hold the broiler element to the top of the oven. Loosen the screws securing the upper mounting brackets that hold the broiler element to the top of the oven, using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Do not remove them. This will allow the broiler element to slide freely.

Step 4

Pull the broiler element away from the rear wall enough that you can access the wires connecting to the broiler element terminals. Remove the wire leads from the broiler element terminals with your fingers. Grab the leads where they meet the terminals. Pulling the wires anywhere else could break the wires, resulting in other repairs.

Step 5

Hold the broiler element with one hand while removing one of the upper mounting brackets completely. Carefully pull the broiler element toward you while unclipping the element from the remaining upper bracket. Remove the broiler element.

Step 6

Place the new broiler element inside the oven, clipping one side of the element into the remaining upper mounting bracket. Hold the element with one hand, and loosely secure the second upper mounting bracket to the oven. Slide the element toward the rear wall to connect the wire leads.

Step 7

Slip the ends of the wire leads over the broiler element terminal until they snap into place. Position the broiler element terminals through the rear oven wall until the mounting brackets are flush against the oven wall. Secure the broiler element to the rear oven wall with the retaining screws.

Step 8

Place the oven cooking racks back inside the oven, and close the oven door. Reach into the drawer cavity and plug the GE range power cord back into the electrical outlet. Slide the utility drawer back into the drawer cavity.

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