How to Replace the Coupler on an Osterizer Blender

Leah Waldron-Gross

According to the website Oster.com, the 12-speed Osterizer is a popular blender with a 5-cup, microwave-safe jar, stainless-steel blades and classic cube design. The coupler on the Osterizer, which is also referred to as the threaded bottom cap, joins the blades to the base of the blender. The threaded bottom cap is completely removable, and can be replaced with Oster part number number 4902. If you have any problems removing or replacing the coupler, the Oster website offers a listing of service centers in your area.

  1. Purchase the Oster threaded bottom cap, which is available online or at an Oster repair or retail store in your area. As of September, 2010, the Oster threaded bottom cap retailed for $5 on Oster's retail website.

  2. Turn off the blender and unplug from electrical outlet to avoid injury.

  3. Remove the defective or worn-out threaded bottom cap from the base of the Osterizer glass jar. Lift the jar off the base of the blender. Place the jar upside down so that the mouth is on the counter. Twist the threaded bottom cap counter-clockwise to separate from base. Dispose of the threaded bottom cap.

  4. Remove the stainless steel blades and seal ring from the base of the jar. Take caution in removing the blades by handling the base of the blade wheel only. Clean both parts as needed.

  5. Place the clean seal ring in the base of the blender jar. Insert the blades into the jar, with the blades on the inside of the jar. Screw on the new threaded bottom cap. Using the ridges of the glass jar, twist the threaded bottom cap clockwise onto the base.

  6. Place the jar onto the base of the Osterizer blender. Lock it into place by lining the tabs on the jar with the tabs on the base of the blender.