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How to Change the Settings on a Faema Coffee Grinder

D.C. Winston

Faema is an Italian appliance company that specializes in commercial equipment for coffee making. Faema produces and markets a range of coffee bean grinders, coffee makers, espresso machines, frothers and accessories. The company has been in the trade since 1945, and its products are considered high performance, albeit pricey. Faema grinders are all adjustable from very fine grinds for espresso, to rough grinds as appropriate for French press machines. Operating and adjusting the grind size on all Faema models can be done manually at the juncture between the bean hopper and the grinding mechanism.

Faema grinders are adjustble for varied coffee bean preparation.
  1. Press down on the burr lock pin, under the round, flat grinder adjustment wheel that rests at the juncture between the glass or plastic hopper and the grinder mechanism. Typically this is the most narrow portion of the machine.

  2. Keep pressing on the collar pin, and simultaneously turn the collar, moving it between the grind setting steps. There is a click on some models when you hit a new grind level, while on others, there are numbers printed on the collar to identify the grind.

  3. Create the coarsest or most fine bean grind by turning the collar fully in one direction or the other.

  4. Refine the basic grind consistency further by testing beans through the grinder at different settings. Some Faema models neither click between collar settings nor have printed grind guide numbers, so small increment adjustments of the collar and testing the results is the only way to find your preferred grind setting.

  5. Release the burr lock pin to fix the grinder wheel in place.