How to Recycle Metal Clothes Hangers

Metal clothes hangers can accumulate when you send clothes out for dry-cleaning frequently. Metal clothes hangers have virtually no eye appeal when left in their natural state so recycling them is good. If you like recycling, you can reuse the metal hangers in crafts or for household tools around the house. Avoid filling up your local landfill with wire hangers by recycling them often.

Wire hangers may leave marks in your shirts.
  1. Return the metal hangers to the dry cleaners. Ask them to reuse the hangers. Do not remove the paper shields; they may not take them back if you do.

  2. Give the hangers to non-profit clothing stores. As a courtesy, bundle the hangers together in sets of ten. Use bread ties to bind them together in neat stacks.

  3. Unbend the metal hangers and clip the ends off with wire cutters. Shape the wire into a wreath. You may need to double up the wires for a thicker wreath. Do this by wrapping them together with floral wire. Decorate your wire wreath with seasonal items.

  4. Clip off the ends and cut down the hangers into 12-inch or 16-inch long shish kabob skewers.


  • Use caution when trimming the ends of the hangers. Wire edges can cut you.

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