How to Troubleshoot a Toshiba Color Television

Toshiba is a major Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics, such as laptop computers, stereo equipment and a range of TV sets, including plasma units, rear projectors and LCD models. Like all televisions, Toshiba televisions can have a variety of issues, such as poor picture quality, inaudible sound and unresponsive remote controls. Most of these issues can be solved by changing your TV's settings and checking your connections. For continuing problems, contact Toshiba directly or hire an experienced TV technician.

Picture Disturbance

Toshiba manufactures a range of TVs, including LCD displays.
  1. Push the "Menu" button on your Toshiba remote control, followed by the "Picture Settings" option if you can see black or gray bars on side of the TV picture.

  2. Select "Picture Size" and change the aspect ratio to 16:9 if the setting is not already selected. The picture format problem can occur on widescreen Toshiba sets that are designed to be able to display movies with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Most television broadcasts are made to a more square 4:3 standard definition of 4:3, causing the black bars unless adjustments are made.

  3. Push the "Menu" button on your cable box remote and access "Picture Settings." Change to 16:9 in line with your TV. Images should now fill the screen.

  4. Push the "Menu" button, followed by the "Picture Settings" option on screen if you are experiencing weak color or poor focus on displayed images. You can now adjust color, contrast and sharpness to improve images.

Audio Problems

  1. Check the connections on your Toshiba TV if pictures are visible but you can't hear sound. Ensure composite cables, which are usually color-coded, are connected to the correctly colored outlets at the rear if your Toshiba TV. White and red cables generate audio on most Toshiba sets. Change the channel, too, to ensure there isn't an issue with the broadcast signal.

  2. Press the Enter button in the middle of your Toshiba remote if you have a coaxial cable connected to your set. Select the Audio option and change to Stereo if not already selected.

  3. Push the Menu button on the remote for any external device, such as Blu-ray player or games console, that is attached to your Toshiba TV. Select Audio form the on screen display and increase the volume. Low volume settings on external devices connected to your TV can inhibit overall volume.

Remote Control Problems

  1. Make sure your remote control is on TV mode (rather than set to an external device) if it's not responding. Check the batteries are correctly placed, using the + and - symbols for guidance. Replace the batteries if they are old and low on power.

  2. Carry out a factory reset if these steps fail to remedy the problem, as stated on the Toshiba customer support website. Remove the batteries and push every button on the remote control separately. Hold down each one for around three seconds.

  3. Replace the batteries and the remote control should work again. If problems continue, you should contact Toshiba directly for a replacement remote control.

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