Troubleshooting LG Wm-2016 Washer Problems

The model WM-2016 is a front-loading washing machine manufactured by LG Electronics.

Error Codes

Troubleshooting LG Wm-2016 Washer Problems
This high-efficiency washer weighs 197 lbs. and spins at speeds up to 1,050 revolutions per minute. If the washer fails during the first year of ownership, LG will repair or replace the appliance free of charge. The electronic control board is covered for under warranty for two years and the drum motor is covered for seven years. Before calling for service, perform troubleshooting to determine if you can correct the problem at home. .

Check the water supply and straighten fill hoses if "1E" appears on the display. This error indicates inadequate water supply.

Straighten the drain hose and remove clogs if "0E" is displayed. This error means there is a problem with the drain. Remove the drain hose and clear clogs with a straightened clothes hanger or plumber's snake.

Add additional items of clothing or rearrange the load so the washer will spin if "UE" displays. This error indicates that the load is too small or out of balance and spinning will not occur.

Close the door if "dE" appears on the display. This error means the door is not closed properly. Call for service if this error is displayed even if the door is latched.

Unplug the washer and discontinue use if "tE" is displayed. The washer has encountered an error that requires servicing.

Turn off the water supply and unplug the washer if "FE" or "PE" is displayed. The water valve or water level sensor is faulty and requires service.

Wait 30 minutes before restarting the cycle if "LE" appears on the display. The motor has overloaded. If the washer will not start after 30 minutes, have it serviced.

Restart the washer if "PF" is displayed. This indicates that the power failed during a cycle.


Stop the washer and remove foreign objects in the drum if a rattling or clanking noise occurs. If the noise continues, an object may have entered the pump. Call for service.

Redistribute clothing in unbalanced loads or remove items in heavy loads if a thumping noise occurs. This is normal during heavy or unbalanced loads.

Adjust the leveling feet beneath the washer if the machine vibrates during operations. Place a level on top of the washer and turn the legs clockwise or counterclockwise until it is level.

Leaks and Excessive Suds

Tighten the fill hose connections with a pair of pliers.

Unclog the drain pipe. Clear the standpipe with a straightened clothes hanger or a plumber's snake. Use liquid drain cleaner to open sink drains.

Use a detergent intended for use with high efficiency washers to prevent excessive suds. Excessive suds can cause leaking to occur.

Things You Will Need

  • Level
  • Straightened clothes hanger or plumber's snake
  • Liquid drain cleaner
  • High-efficiency detergent

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