How do I Install Rake Trim?

Rake trim is a long piece of metal with grooves on the edges and is used to trim and cover the fascia ends of rake roofing boards. These metal trim pieces are easy to install and it takes almost no time to get the job done. You can do it by yourself, but it is easier and safer to have a friend standing by to lend a hand. The trim is used to protect the roof under the new roofing boards and to cover the raw edges of the boards.

Step 1

Lay all of the prerolled rake trim pieces on the ground directly below the portion of the roof where each piece will be installed.

Step 2

Climb a ladder and have a friend pass you the first rake trim piece. Hook the lock along the top edge of the trim onto the outermost edge of the rake board installed on your roof.

Step 3

Hold the rake trim flat against the fascia and drill through the trim with hex screws and a power drill. Insert rubber gaskets between the screws and the trim to make seals and protect the trim from damage.

Step 4

Space the screws roughly 10 inches apart. If you cannot evenly space the screws with a 10-inch gap, move the screws 1 or 2 inches closer together or farther away for a somewhat symmetrical finish.

Step 5

Attach each of the rake trim pieces in the same way until they are installed on your roof.


  • Do not perform any work on your roof unless it is solid and meets local zoning and safety laws.

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