How do I Troubleshoot Samsung Color Televisions?

Samsung makes a range of consumer electronics, including computer monitors, personal audio devices and TV sets. The TV sets include rear projection and LCD units. Samsung has a reputation for making reliable televisions, but faults such as screen burn, overheating and sound and picture problems can sometimes occur. Some of these failings should only be repaired by an experienced repair technician or through technical assistance from Samsung. However, some problems can be solved by carrying out some simple checks and adjustments.


  1. Check the volume levels on any appliance, such as a DVD player or Blu-ray player, connected to your Samsung if you can only hear sound at low levels. Press the "Menu" button on the DVD player remote control and select "Audio" to increase volume. These devices have their own audio settings that can affect the TV's sound output if turned down too low.

  2. Push the "Mute" button on your Samsung remote control to ensure your set has not been accidentally muted. Make sure there are no headphones attached to your TV as this will restrict sound levels.

  3. Examine the cables fixed to the back of your Samsung set, making sure they are securely fitted in the right ports. Cables that are loose are placed in the wrong port can cause problems with sound and picture.


  1. Push the "Menu" button on the remote control if pictures are distorted and lack definition. Select the "Picture" option from the on-screen menu if does not appear by default.

  2. Select "Mode" and then "Sharpness" from the settings menu. Adjusting this setting to help refine and improve pictures. Adjust "Brightness," "Contrast" and "Tint" settings too if images appear too bright or dark. Some Samsung TVs also have a Color Tone option, allowing you to adjust the strength levels of different colors on screen. Use the up and down arrow keys on your remote control to adjust these picture settings.

  3. Perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV if picture problems continue. Hold the "Exit" button on the remote control for around 10 seconds when your TV is on. Select "OK" and press "Enter" when the message appears asking if you want to perform a factory reset. The TV will switch itself off when the reset is complete. Turn it back on and your Samsung TV will be back to it's original factory settings. Resetting your TV can remedy problems with pictures, including color faults, where a screen only displays images in black and white.

No Video Message

  1. Examine the cables that link external devices to your Samsung TV. Loose connections can prevent the TV from receiving an adequate signal, resulting in a "No Video" message appearing on screen.

  2. Check all cables running to your Samsung TV are placed in the right ports. Cables and ports are usually color-coded on Samsung TVs so they are easy to match up.

  3. Attach a different device to your Samsung TV if problems continue. If the "No Video" message occurs again, purchase new cables from an electronics store.

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