How to Convert Micron to Mesh Size

Mesh size is a measurement of the number of holes in a filter per a given area. In the United States, the standard area is 1 square inch. Microns are a measure of length equal to one millionth of a meter. Small particles are often measured in microns, therefore it is necessary to convert from microns to the corresponding mesh size when you need to determine which size of filter needs to be used to capture specific particles.

Ultrafine screens have holes in the micron range.

Step 1

Divide the number of microns by 25400 to get the size in inches.

Step 2

Divide 0.6 by the size in inches to get the mesh size.

Step 3

Note that mesh size typically has a variance, since it is dependent upon the size of the filter substrate as well as the number of holes. The variance is about 6 percent, plus or minus.