How to Adjust a Hitachi C12LSH Miter Saw

The Hitachi C12LSH is a laser-guided miter saw that is used for making precise angled cuts for joining and edge work. The saw allows the user to adjust both the tilt angle and the miter angle. Adjusting the tilt puts the blade at an angle while adjusting the miter angle moves the fence, and thus the work piece, at an angle while keeping the blade straight up and down. Adjusting the two are rather simple.

Adjust Tilt Angle

Failure to follow safety instructions while operating this miter saw can result in personal injury.
  1. Turn the knob at the back of the saw to the left to loosen it.

  2. Tilt the blade assembly to the left or the right.

  3. Align the indicator point to the correct angle measure on the scale.

  4. Turn the knob to the right to tighten it and lock the blade assembly. The blade will now be tilted to whichever angle you indicated on the scale.

Adjust Miter Angle

  1. Turn the knob on the front of the saw to the left to loosen it.

  2. Pull up the lever under the knob and shift the table setup to the left or right.

  3. Align the indicator to the proper angle on the miter scale.

  4. Release the lever to hold the position you have chosen.

  5. Turn the knob to the right to tighten it and lock the turntable in its current position. The saw will now cut your work piece at the angle you specified on the scale.


  • Be sure to follow all safety precautions outlined in the Operator's Manual (see Resources) to ensure your well-being. Failure to understand and follow precautions could result in personal injury.

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