How to Decorate a Bathroom With Towels in a Basket

A basket full of bath towels isn't only useful, it can also be decorative. If you're short on bathroom closet or wall rack space, store extra towels in an eye-catching basket. Create a casual, country-inspired bathroom style by displaying towels in a woven basket. Choose wicker basket hues, such as brown, black or white, to coordinate with the bathroom's overall color scheme or decor theme. Keep the basket of towels in a handy location, such as near the bathtub or shower, for convenience.

Fill a basket with vibrantly hued bath towels.
  1. Choose a woven basket featuring a color and size that accommodates your bathroom needs. Pick a large basket if you have a lot of towels to store, or small basket if you just want to display a few decorative linens. Purchase a white wicker basket to create beach house-inspired style, or a black basket for a contemporary bathroom look.

  2. Pick towel colors to complement the bathroom style. Choose all white towels to create a spa-like ambiance. Go with lavender and sage green towels for a country garden-inspired style.

  3. Lay the towels out on a flat surface to begin the rolling process. Fold towels in half and then in half again. Tightly roll the folded towels all the way up.

  4. Place the rolled towels in the basket. Stand them on their ends, alternating the colors for a decorative look. Stack the rolled towels if they are all one color.

  5. Display the basket full of towels on a vintage wooden chair, in an empty corner or on an empty wall shelf.


  • Dyed baskets may bleed if exposed to damp bathroom conditions, so take care in choosing and placing your basket in wet areas.

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