How to Check Home Phone Messages

When you are out or are unable to answer the telephone, your voicemail will record any messages from incoming callers who choose to leave you a message. You can check your home phone messages while at home or away from home.

Check Messages at Home

You can check yout home phone messages from any location.
  1. Dial the access number given to you by your home phone carrier from your home phone. For example, if you have AT&T, you would dial #98 or if you have Comcast you would dial #99.

  2. Enter the pass code that you chose when you set up your voicemail account.

  3. Listen to your messages and save or delete according to the automated instructions, depending upon your voicemail account.

Check Messages Away from Home

  1. Dial your home phone from another telephone such as your cell phone.

  2. Dial * and your pass code when you hear your voicemail greeting.

  3. Listen to your message and save or delete accordingly.

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