How to Measure Gutters

Gutters are found on nearly every house across the country. They are used to prevent water from leaking into the house and to lead water toward purchased in ten-foot sections. The first task when installing new gutters is to measure to find out how much material is needed to complete the job. To measure your gutters, follow these simple steps.

Measuring for gutters is a relatively easy task.

Step 1

Position your ladder securely, near the center of one side of the house. Once near the gutter, measure the depth and profile of the gutter. This will be needed if you intend to purchzse the same type of gutter as the one currently on the house.

Step 2

Record the depth and profile measurements on a piece of paper. determine what type of gutters are already installed.

Step 3

Attach the tape measure to one side of the gutter, and measure from one end of the gutter to the other. Add a few extra inches, to go around corners. Repeat this process for all the remaining sides of the house.

Step 4

Write the measurements down on a piece of paper.

Step 5

Divide the total footage for each gutter measurement by 10, to figure out exactly how many pieces will be needed. Make sure to purchase an extra couple of pieces, in case cuts need to be made around corners.

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