How to Cover the Window With Aluminum

Whether you are in the midst of redecorating, seeking privacy or just like the look of reflective windows, aluminum is an ideal covering for keeping the sun out and the warmth in. Before turning glass to silver, size up the window and consider the effect of adhesive tape on the casing or frame. Cover small windows the same way as larger windows or use the procedure for making a foil-wrapped insert that can be easily removed.

Cover Window

  1. Measure the window, width and height. Determine the direction for laying the foil, widthwise or lengthwise, and add 3 inches to that measurement.

  2. Cover the pane from edge to edge with the shiny side facing out. Tape the ends to the side of the casing for picture windows. Wrap the extra foil onto the siding of framed windows and tape. Tape down all edges on the window.

  3. Place the next foil strip so that it overlaps the first by 1/8 inch. Tape it down. Repeat until the window is covered.

Foil-Wrapped Insert

  1. Measure the window casing, width and height. Cut a piece of cardboard with the same dimensions as the window, using scissors

  2. Wrap the cardboard in foil on both sides like a gift, with the shiny side facing up. Tape the ends together.

  3. Insert the foil-wrapped cardboard into the window casing.

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