How to Replace an Inline Water Filter Refill

Nathan McGinty

Inline water filters sit in the water-supply line, where they do their filtering work. One end of the filter is connected to the water supply, while the other end is connected to the appliance that needs the filtered water, such as a refrigerator or icemaker. Replacing an inline water filter refill isn't difficult, and the job will be much easier if you have quick-connect fittings on the filter.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the inline water filter refill that you want to replace. If this is installed on a refrigerator, for example, trace the water-supply hose from the back of the refrigerator to the water filter, then to the water-supply valve to locate the correct valve to turn off. Rotate the knob on the end of the valve clockwise to shut off the water.

  2. Clear out the area around the water filter. Place a towel on the cabinet or floor beneath the filter.

  3. Examine the connections for the filter. Some inline filters employ a quick-connect fitting that allows you to simply pull the hose out of each end to replace the filter. Test this by tugging gently on the end of the hoses. If the filter is not a quick-connect type, loosen the coupling at either end of the filter hose, using the adjustable wrench.

  4. Discard the old filter. Install new quick-connect fittings on a quick-connect filter. Otherwise, wrap the filter connector threads with plumber's tape. Insert the connectors into either end of the filter. Tighten the connectors with the wrench.

  5. Look for an arrow on the side of the filter that will indicate the direction of the water flow. Turn the filter so that the arrow points toward the refrigerator or where the filtered water is being directed. On quick-connect filters, press the hoses in place at both ends. With standard connectors, wrap the threads of the connectors that protrude from the filter with plumber's tape. Connect the hose couplings, then tighten them with the wrench.

  6. Turn the water supply back on by rotating the supply-valve knob counterclockwise. Watch the inline water filter refill to ensure there are no leaks. Tighten any couplings if necessary.

  7. Discard the first few batches of water or ice that come through the filter to make sure the water or ice you will use is clean and clear.