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How Do I Find a Discontinued Quoizel Light Fixture?

Cadence Johansen

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Quiozel manufactures lamps and lighting fixtures for homes and businesses. Finding a discontinued Quiozel light fixture can be difficult. However, persistent consumers may be able to find the light fixture they are looking for. In addition, they may get it at a discount because it has been discontinued.

Discontinued Quiozel light fixtures are difficult, but possible to find.
  1. Locate the light fixture's item or product number. Having this number is key to finding a discontinued Quoizel light fixture. Consult past Quiozel lighting catalogs or call the company to request the product number.

  2. Check the Quoizel website. This is not likely to yield good results, but it is best to check their website first to verify that the item you want is no longer in their current lineup. If you cannot find the item on the website call the company. If the light fixture was recently discontinued the company may still have several of the light fixtures available for purchase. From the Quoizel website you can also find local and online retailers that may carry the discontinued fixture. Use the state search on their website to find retailers in your area that may carry the item.

  3. Scour websites such as Craigslist, and eBay. Searching these places first may help you to find the discontinued light fixture at a good price. In addition, you may be able to find the light fixture at a local thrift shop.