How to Cut a Round Hole in Exterior Stucco

Drilling into stucco can void any warranties it may have, but sometimes it's necessary for different household applications. There are different types of stucco, but the process is similar for all of them. With the proper tools and a little patience, you can drill a perfectly round hole in a stucco surface in almost no time.

  1. Measure the area on the wall to determine where the hole is going to be drilled. Mark the direct center of where the hole is going to be with a pencil. This will be the point where the center of the bit will drill.

  2. Attach the bit to the hammer drill and secure it so it does not shoot off when in use. Line the bit up directly to the mark in the center. Turn on the drill and press down to begin drilling. Push hard and continue to put pressure on the stucco until the bit has gone completely through the hole.

  3. Pull the drill slowly back out of the hole. Examine the hole to make sure it is the correct size. The size of the hole will vary depending on the size bit that was used.

  4. Blow out any dust that is inside the hole with an air blower. Clean around the area with a rag and water to remove any other debris that may remain.


  • Wearing safety goggles is highly recommended when working with a drill in stucco.
  • Gloves and a respirator should also be used for this job.
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