How to Use a Bunn Gourmet Ice Machine

Bunn Gourmet Ice Machines are used for mixing and serving cold or iced drinks, such as a slushy. The drink mixture is frozen or cooled inside of the machine and comes out of a dispenser in the front. It can hold up to three gallons of frozen beverage per ice container.

Step 1

Set the machine on a level surface 6 inches from a wall or other solid structure, and plug it in.

Step 2

Lift the lid of the holding container and slide it back. Pour the drink mix into the container.

Step 3

Turn on the machine.

Step 4

Switch the “On/Off Auger” button, which looks like a swirl, to "Autofill."

Step 5

Switch the “Off/Ice/Chill” button to “Ice” to freeze a drink mix or “Chill” to create a cold but not frozen drink.

Step 6

Put a glass under the nozzle and pull down on the dispenser.

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