How to Remove the Cover From a Keurig B70

The Platinum B70 Keurig Brewer features an LCD control center that allows users to program the machine to make coffee, hot cocoa or tea automatically. Other details that may be programmed to include the user's desired brewing temperature and brew size. On occasion, you may need to remove the cover of the B70 Keurig Brewer to clean the machine's internal parts, such as the K-Cup holder assembly. Once the cover is removed from the machine, the K-Cup holder assembly can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Remove the Cover From a Keurig B70
  1. Remove the cover of the brewer; lift the handle on the top of the machine and pull up.

  2. Remove the K-Cup holder for cleaning. Hold the top of the K-Cup holder with one hand and use the other hand to push up on the holder from underneath to release it.

  3. Replace the K-Cup holder and cover by lining up the holder with the two front ribs on the machine. Press down until the holder and cover snap into place.


  • When washing the K-Cup holder assembly in the dishwasher, set the water temperature to "Low."

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