How to Troubleshoot a Non-Spinning Whirlpool Washer

According to the Whirlpool washing machine owner's manual, there are a handful of reasons why a washing machine may not be spinning as well as it should. There are a handful of techniques that you may employ to determine what the problem is. In many instances, the washer may not be spinning as you want it to because of an operator's error.

Step 1

Use the recommended cycle speed for clothing and make sure the washer is loaded as recommended. A tightly packed washer may make it more difficult for the washer to spin correctly. For example, if you are washing a load full of towels or jeans, choose a "Heavy Duty" setting as opposed to a "Quick Wash" setting.

Step 2

Avoid washing one item at a time. Washing a single item may cause an imbalance in the washer. Throw a couple more items into the washer to create a balance.

Step 3

Make sure you use the proper amount of high-efficiency detergent. Using not enough or too much HE detergent may slow or stop draining and spinning.

Step 4

Make sure the washer door is completely closed. An open door restricts the washer from spinning. If the washer does not spin because an error code appears, press the "Power" button and reset the cycle settings.