How to Install a Kenmore Electric Dryer

Denise Brown

A Kenmore electric dryer can provide years of service to your family. As long as the 30-amp electrical power circuit is in place, electric dryer installation is a simple process. The hardest part of the task is carrying the dryer into the house and moving it into position. The Kenmore dryer must have an appropriate ventilation system in place before its installation. It must set on a sturdy, level floor capable of holding at least 200 pounds. The floor must hold more if there is a companion washing machine.

  1. Examine the power supply outlet designated for the electric dryer installation. There are different outlets and you want to be sure to buy the appropriate power supply cord kit for your outlet.

  2. Loosen the electrical strain relief bracket on the back of the Kenmore dryer with a screwdriver. The strain relief bracket helps prevent pulling the electrical cord out of the dryer accidentally. Slip the power supply cord through the bracket. Attach the power supply cord to the electrical connection on the dryer. Tighten the screws on the strain relief bracket.

  3. Slide the dryer into position. Clamp one end of the flexible vent material to the back of the dryer. Clamp the other end to the opening that takes the vent outside. This opening may be in the wall or through the floor.

  4. Use a carpenter's level to ensure the Kenmore dryer is level. If it's not, have a helper tilt the dryer onto its back legs while you adjust the two front leveling legs with an adjustable wrench. Turn the feet clockwise to make them longer and counterclockwise to shorten them. Set the dryer back on the floor and check it with the level again. Repeat the process until the machine sits level.

  5. Turn the electrical circuit on to the dryer. Plug the dryer into the outlet on the wall. Turn the dryer on to ensure it's operating properly.