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Directions for a Slurpee Machine by Spin Master

Shawn McClain

The Spin Master 7-11 Slurpee Maker allows you to make your own frozen beverages with just ice and a drink. The Slurpee Maker is battery powered, so there is no need to crank a handle or turn a wheel. The Slurpee Maker does have to be partially disassembled before you can add some of the ingredients, but the process takes just a few minutes.

Step 1

Slide the top cover of the Slurpee Maker forward and remove it. Turn the two knobs on the back of the device counterclockwise until they are horizontal, then pull the back of the machine off.

Step 2

Pull out the two orange knobs, one on the back of the machine and one of the front; you may have to lower the dispenser handle to access the front knob. Pull up on the auger/ice-canister assembly inside the machine to remove it. On the assembly, remove the auger lid, then the ice canister, and finally the ice canister lid.

Step 3

Turn the base unit over and remove the two screws holding the battery door in place. Pull off the battery door, insert four C batteries into the machine, then replace the door and screw it in.

Step 4

Fill the metal canister with ice, leaving enough room to replace the lid. Add 2 tbsp. salt and 1 tbsp. warm water to the canister, then place the lid back on the canister.

Step 5

Put on your oven mitts, as the canister will get very cold. Place your thumbs on the lid of the canister to hold it down, then lift the canister and shake it well for five seconds. Place the canister back inside the auger, then replace the auger lid and put the entire assembly back into the machine. The lid on the auger should face the back of the machine when you put it in. Put the back cover in place and turn the two locks clockwise until they are vertical.

Step 6

Turn the auger inside the machine while you press in on the rear orange knob. When the auger is positioned properly, the knob will click into place. Push in on the front orange knob and lift the dispenser handle.

Step 7

Pour your soda or juice into the open top of the machine.

Step 8

Place the cover over the machine and slide it into place so the tabs on the cover catch on the slots on the machine. Flip the orange switch on the back of the machine up to the "On" position.

Step 9

Wait five to eight minutes for the mixture to reach the right consistency. Place your cup under the handle and pull down to release the mixture into your cup.