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How to Use the Oster Quick Freeze

Noah Sharp

An Oster "Quick Freeze" refers to an Oster Ice Cream Maker. The machine constantly stirs a canister filled with ice cream ingredients while surrounded by ice and salt that rapidly freezes the mixture. Salt is necessary as it will draw heat away from the ice cream mixture while it melts the ice, creating the cold temperature needed to freeze the mixture. Make sure you wash all of the parts except for the Ice Bucket and Motor Base before beginning to make ice cream.

Step 1

Prepare ice cream mixture according to your recipe and keep in the refrigerator until needed.

Step 2

Place ice bucket on the motor base.

Step 3

Pour ice cream mixture in freezing canister then secure the lid on top. Place the canister in the ice bucket and make sure it is straight and centered.

Step 4

Add one cup of cold water to the bucket, followed by a 1-inch layer of ice. Add 1/3 cup of salt on top of the ice. Continue to add layers of ice and salt until the bucket is full. Add an additional one cup cold water over the top layer of the ice and salt.

Step 5

Remove freezing canister lid and insert paddle into the canister and add mixing cover to close the canister.

Step 6

Place ice bucket cover over ice bucket and freezing canister. Make sure that the paddle is engaged with the center feed on the cover. Secure the latches on the ice bucket to the notches on the lid.

Step 7

Plug the machine into the wall socket and turn the power switch to "On". Allow the machine to run for 18 to 25 minutes or until the mixture in the freezing canister reaches the top. As needed, replace the melted ice in the bucket by adding it through the ice feed corners. This can be done while the machine is running.

Step 8

Turn the machine off and unplug from the wall after the ice cream is made.

Step 9

Harden the ice cream. Remove the freezing canister from the bucket by first removing the ice bucket lid and mixing cover. Pack the ice cream down and place the freezing cover on top and place the canister in the freezer for a few hours. You can also harden the ice cream by leaving it in the machine. Place cloth towels over the top of the unit for insulation and set aside for a few hours.